Commercial Propane: How Can Restaurants Benefit from Gas Power?

If you’re looking for new ways to save on monthly bills with your small business venture, have you considered making a switch with the type of energy you use?

There are a number of ways to operate in a sustainable manner while saving money, with propane gas being one of the best ways to do so. For restaurant owners, cutting costs as much as possible without sacrificing safety and health standards while serving food is imperative.

Here are the top reasons why propane is a smart fuel alternative for restaurants.

3 Huge Benefits to Switching to Gas in a Restaurant

  1. Propane Is Efficient

    In the service industry, time is money. When customers come to a restaurant, they want their meals ASAP. No other fuel source heats or cools faster than gas powered kitchen appliances. You get an instant flame that is easily controlled, so there’s no need to wait for pans to heat up like you would with electricity.

  2. Propane is More Reliable Than Electricity

    Florida is known for its hurricane seasons. When a storm hits, or when your restaurant loses electricity, not only do you encounter hangry customers, but the food can no longer be preserved and goes to waste. If you use electricity in your restaurant, it is used to power everything from the lighting to the kitchen appliances, not to mention the refrigerator. As a restaurant owner, electrical failure doesn’t need to be another stressful thought in the back of your mind. With propane, your gas powered stove will still be cooking while the rest of the block is out of service. Also, you can keep a backup gas powered generator so you won’t ever have to rely on electric power.

  3. Propane Can Be Used Outdoors

    If your restaurant has outdoor seating potential, propane gas is perfect to create a charming and cozy atmosphere for outdoor dining. You can set up a gas powered fire pit that is simple to control and doesn’t require much clean up. Gas can also power lighting and heaters.

Power My Business With Propane