Frequently Asked Questions


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Are our cylinders safe?

They certainly are! Our cylinders are safer than traditional steel propane tanks, and they’re approved by the DOT and TC. Due to their unique construction, Propane Cowboy Cylinders won’t corrode overtime when exposed to the elements. Have you ever heard of BLEVE? It means Boiling Liquid Expanding Vapor Explosion, it’s what happens when some tanks are exposed to fire; but not ours. Our tanks resin coating melts allowing the LP to breathe through the inner liner and burn in a controlled manner. That doesn’t mean you should be careless, handle all propane cylinders carefully, improper use can be dangerous.

Why is the cylinder translucent?

Two reasons. First, with a translucent cylinder, you can see how much gas you have left at a glance, that way you’ll never run out in the middle of a cookout. The second reason is so you can see if the cylinder was properly filled. When you get your tank filled, you can see that you are getting your money’s worth, or if there was an issue filling your tank.

How do I maintain my cylinder over time?

It’s simple, just wash the cylinder with regular soap and water. If you’re an overachiever, you can even pressure wash it. No need to re-paint or sandblast them.

Does my tank come with a fuel gauge?

Because of the translucent design, you can see your gas level at any time, no need for a gauge. Plus, most fuel gauges are very inaccurate; they read too full in warm temperatures, and less full when it’s cold.

Will my cylinder come filled with propane?

Unfortunately, we cannot ship cylinders that are full. Yours will arrive empty but you can take it to your local propane distributor to get it filled. It’s a pretty quick and painless process that usually costs less than a propane exchange.

What is the lifespan of a Propane Cowboy cylinder?

Our cylinders have a 15-year service life in the United States and Canada (That is 15 years from the date of manufacturing)