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BBQ Exchange

Bring luxury to your time outdoors with propane. Fireplaces, lighting, and gas grills provide year-round entertainment for your space with Propane Cowboy.

Heater Gas Exchange

Ensure your business has what it needs to thrive, no matter the season. We provide both fuel delivery and equipment leasing services for your business.

Forklift Exchange

Logistics never stops, so your equipment can’t either. We offer industrial propane delivery so you are ready to keep your business moving efficiently.

Fiberglass Locator

It’s quick and convenient. Easily locate the nearest Propane Cowboy provider near you. Simply go to our propane finder and type in your city or zip code.


Propane Locator

Discover the Fiberglass difference. Propane Refill & Tank Exchange


Propane Safety

Propane is widely used across the world, in homes and in businesses. No matter how you’re using propane, safety should be your first priority.



Learn about propane safety. What safety precautions do you need to take? How to train your employees. How to properly store and transport your propane tanks.

The Fiber Glass Difference

Instead of the traditional steel or aluminum cylinders we use only composite cylinders for our propane. Made of a mixture of fibers and plastic resin instead of metal, composite cylinders are safer and lighter that steel or aluminum cylinders.


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