The Secrets of Fiberglass Cylinders

Propane Cowboy’s composite see-through propane gas cylinders are the revolutionary way to use and store propane. Composite propane tanks are lightweight see-through tanks that do not corrode in harsh environments.

Propane Tank Comparison

You’ve heard of metal or aluminum propane tanks, now learn about the eco-friendly alternative: fiberglass propane cylinders. These tank cylinders are made of fibers and plastic resin, making them lightweight and translucent which means you can see the level of propane that you have, so you know exactly when it is time to refill.

Steel and metal tanks explode when punctured.

Steel and metal tanks explode when punctured.

Fiberglass tanks come in the same standard sizes as metal propane tanks.

They also use the same equipment, so there is no need for any special adapters or hardware in order to use or switch to fiberglass tanks.

Fiberglass tanks are designed to release propane in a controlled state, even when punctured.

  • Translucent

  • Lightweight

  • Safer than metal

  • Noncorrosive

  • Stable

  • Attractive

  • Easy to handle