What are Composite Propane Cylinders?

Composite Propane Cylinders are made of a mixture of fibers and plastic resin instead of metal. Propane Cowboy’s composite tanks are a safer, lighter alternative to steel and aluminum propane tanks. To read more about the Fiberglass Difference, click here.


The Safer Option

Traditional steel or aluminum cylinders explode when put under stress. When working with propane, safety is important, no matter the application. Composite tanks are designed to release and burn its gas in a controlled burn, even when punctured with bullets. A Propane Cowboy fiberglass composite tank will not explode in a fire.

Fiberglass Tanks are safer than steel, and they feature pressure-relief devices, and overfill-prevention devices. Not only are metal propane tanks more dangerous, they are heavier and can rust easily. Fiberglass Composite Cylinders never rust, never tip over, and they are see-through so you know exactly when to refill.

The Fiberglass Difference

  • Translucent

  • Lightweight

  • Safer than metal

  • Noncorrosive

  • Stable

  • Attractive

  • Easy to handle


Propane Industry Innovation

It is a great time to be involved in the propane industry, whether you are a customer, supplier, or contractor. Propane Cowboy is an innovator in the propane industry. The biggest challenge is taking on the competition, whether it is natural gas or electricity. We take measures to educate everyone on the innovative fuel that is propane, which is the environmentally smart choice, and one that provides the best comfort and value to the user.