Composite RV Propane Tanks Are A Safer Lightweight Alternative

New Lightweight, Translucent Composite Propane Cylinders

If you who own an RV or enjoy camping, you’ll likely be happy to learn that there exists a new type of propane tank that allows you to see how much propane gas is left inside the tank. This new tank technology is called composite fiberglass propane cylinders, and Propane Cowboy supplies nearby retailers.


Fresh on the market with a much more aesthetically pleasing design than its predecessor, Propane Cowboy supplies Viking cylinders to all participating retailers in South Florida. According to Viking, the non-corrosive cylinders are far safer than ordinary steel tanks because their three-layer design won’t explode in a fire.

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Unlike steel and aluminum tanks, our cylinders will not BLEVE in a fire. BLEVE is the technical abbreviation for Boiling Liquid Expanding Vapor Explosion. In layman’s terms this means the cylinder will not explode in a fire. Instead, the resin will burn off and the plastic liner and casing will melt. The LPG will then “breathe” through the cylinder wall and burn in a controlled manner.
— Viking Cylinders

Know how much fuel you have left.

Refills aren’t always available when you’re in the great outdoors. That’s why these new propane cylinders are translucent—you’ll never unexpectedly run out of gas again.

Easily move it anywhere.

Composite Fiberglass Propane Cylinders are much lighter than steel tanks (up to 50 percent lighter), so you won’t have any problems loading it up and moving it around as you camp.

Stay safe.

Tests have proven that our cylinders are much safer than steel tanks — fire tests have proven Viking cylinders do not explode in a fire.

Don’t worry about the weather.

Our cylinders are noncorrosive—they can stand up the elements without breaking down over time.

Transparent Propane Tanks: What You Need to Know

Although a 2013 recall of composite propane cylinders occurred because of safety issues, these cylinders were not made by Viking and none of the company’s propane cylinders were affected.

No matter where your adventures take you, Propane Cowboy will make your RV or camping experience much more enjoyable.

Many RVers have at least one good campfire story about running out of propane during the coldest night of the camping season. No RVer has to experience that kind of misery ever again.

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